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Graduate Profile: Richard Martin – Web Developer

Q. What is your Name? Richard Martin

Q. What was your University course? BSc Web Development

Q. What is your job title and role? Developer


Q. Could you briefly describe the organisation you work for?
We build estates management software.

Q. Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?
Project management as well as coding and computational skills needed for a career in IT.

Q. Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it? Get in for nine and get the kettle on. As any developer will tell you software is fueled by caffeine. Spend my morning writing asp.Net MVC and SQL then some self study and onto the React and NoSQL project.

Q. What aspects of your job do you enjoy most? The freedom to manage my own time and investigate and research different technologies as I see fit. Also working with cutting edge technologies such as React.JS.

Q. Do you have any advice for students who would like to start a Career? Do your best in anything you do. My career as a developer started four years ago before I started uni when I took a three week temporary data entry position. I gave it my all as I always do. Within two weeks I had finished all the data entry and moved in to front end web design/development. Which lead into my degree. So, just always do your best at anything you do. You never know what will be your break into your career.

Q. A Quote that sums up your time at the University? Hard work, challenging and stressful but one of the best and most rewarding things I have done.


>> If you would like to submit a Graduate Profile please contact james.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk.

Graduate Profile: David Jones

david (1)

What was your undergraduate degree and when did you graduate?

HND Web Management then BSc (Hons) Degree in Computer Networking (2004)

What is your job title and role?

Senior IT Operations Manager.  My role is to oversee the day to day operations of multiple technical teams to ensure service is maintained and tooling is exploited. I provide advice and guidance on infrastructure complexities and am an authority for the teams I manage.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?

Fujitsu provide information technology solutions for businesses including application services, IT consulting, infrastructure services and products. My career began in Fujitsu where I worked as a junior engineer and progressed through to my current role. In September 2015 I transferred to the DVLA in the first major IT in-sourcing project for the government and successfully landed the capability. Now stabilization has been established, I have decided to leave the DVLA and go back to the private sector with a security company; here I will be working internationally to assist them in accomplishing their worldwide objectives.

Did your degree modules inspire you or help you in choosing your job? How?

Yes, I had a keen interest in both Computer and Networking Security and based my dissertation on this subject. I would like to say this was my main drive for choosing my Job however; it came down to location and who the company was in the end. Considering their status globally in the IT market, I felt they were the best company to begin my IT career. I started as a junior engineer where my drive and passion for success assisted me greatly in moving through the ranks and in the eleven years I have been with them, progressed through multiple roles taking on more responsibility while adapting and embracing to the change.

What modules are most helpful to you in your job?

Computer Systems Analysis, Computer Networking, Wide Area Networks, Quality Management Principles, Human Computer Interface and most of all the main Project. I really felt these helped pull all the subjects together and aid in my development.

Where do you find yourself using the transferable skills that you developed in University?

In all aspects of my job I find myself using the skills learned in University. Primarily for me, understanding a projects lifecycle through a project plan and developing that project through requirements specification, system specification, testing and validation and a conclusion. This methodology is the foundation of ITIL best practice which is an industry standard today.

Computer Systems and Analysis is key in my opinion, it really does set you up for almost anything in the work place as they skills are transferable regardless of technology. This kind of learning and development is priceless as it can be used over and over and developed, improved and passed on.

The key aspect of University is conditioning you to working under pressure and accepting pressure as a driver rather than an something to avoid.

Where do you use your specialist skills and abilities (e.g. business, programming, web, databases, networks etc.)

My role has evolved considerably since working for Fujitsu; I used all of the technical skill I learned in University for my role. Skills learned change frequently and it is essential to keep up to date with technology trends. However, basic principles remain the same and so, providing an understanding of how a given technology works is firmly understood, changes within that are easier to adapt to. One basic example of this and one almost everyone would be familiar with is Microsoft Operating Systems. If they are examined over the last ten years the functionality is the same, it has just been improved upon and the interface is different. From NT4 through to Windows Server 2012 R2 or even Windows 98 to Windows 10, Microsoft have added in new functionality and improved them but picking up each new Operating System with a baseline is easier than learning it for the first time.

Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it?

My role today is much different from when I began, as a Senior IT Operations manager I have accountability for multiple teams of IT professionals. I rely on them for the in depth details of the technology and I work as a Manager, ensuring process is followed to strict change controls. I took on additional responsibility for a new account with Fujitsu and travelled there once a week or worked remotely depending on the demands placed upon me. While at Fujitsu I reported to Account Executives and regularly attended board level meetings to discuss the capability, or deal with corporate level escalations as and when required.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

Watching people develop and gain confidence, being a mentor or coach as and when required.

Any tips for someone wanting to develop a career in your sector?

Focus on University, your strengths and weaknesses come out through the subjects you study and your career path will develop naturally. Find your strengths and exploit them, understand your weaknesses and accept them.

Graduate: Simon Bennett – BSc (Hons) Web Development

After Graduating earlier this year Simon Bennett tells us about his time at University of Wales Trinity Saint David studying for a BSc (Hons) in Web Development:

For course information please click here: http://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/computing/

IT Computing Vacancies: Web Dev and System Support


Many Companies contact the School of Applied Computing to request Computing Graduates, some recent examples include Waters Creative and HiTech Labs below:

Waters Creative Ltd are looking for a Junior Developer familiar with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. For more information please click-here. For many more local Web Development jobs please click here: indeed WebDev jobs, Monster WebDev jobs in Wales. For information about the School’s Web Development degree please click-here.


Also Hitec Laboratories Ltd are currently looking for a 1st Level Support Analyst, to be based at Hitec’s head office in Swansea. Hitec solutions span Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). The 1st Level Support Analyst is responsible for providing first line support for Hitec’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution. The job specification is below, if you are interested please contact Janet Crame (Operations Director) via e-mail janet.crame@hiteclabs.com.

The work is conducted in a dynamic environment with support enquiries being made on a range of issues from product specific support to more general PC and network environment support. The role involves working closely with the Testing and Development teams in order to provide incident verification and progress more involved issues.  There is also the requirement to work in collaboration with the Professional Services and Engineering teams within Hitec (Laboratories) Ltd. Initial product training will be given along with any other associated training that may be necessary from time to time.  There is also a high reliance on self-training and knowledge gathering particularly for related background information.

Responsibilities include:

  • Call Logging, Incident diagnosis, Incident verification, working with testing and development teams
  • Incident prioritisation, Incident resolution, Managing incidents within customer SLAs
  • Keeping customers updated with progress
  • Schedule support with other team members
  • Maintain knowledge base.

Technical Skills/Experience/Understanding Required:

  • Familiarity with MS SQL Server support
  • Windows Client Operating Systems
  • Familiarity with Windows Server Operating Systems support
  • Databases in general; MS SQL Server in particular
  • Microsoft IIS set-up and configuration
  • Windows security and user management.

Personal Skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong administration and call-logging, Incident ownership
  • Able to take support calls and summarise the key issues.
  • Ability to diagnose and prioritise issues
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoy learning about new products both from given training and self study.
  • Have a technical education at HND level or equivalent.
  • It would be an advantage to have experience in using a bug reporting and management system.

Hours of work: 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, with 1 hour for lunch.
Holiday:  22 days per year increasing to 25 days after 3 years service, plus 8 UK  Bank Holidays.
Probationary period: 3 months, followed by a formal review.
Other benefits:Company pension scheme and private medical cover available at end of probationary period. Life assurance & childcare vouchers also available.

For many more local Web Development jobs please click here: indeed IT System Support jobsMonster IT System Support. For information about the School’s Computing Information Systems & Business Computing degrees please click the preceding links.

Swansea Tech Vacancy: Junior Web Developer


As a Junior Developer at Waters Creative Ltd you will be expected to deliver a consistently high standard of work. The role includes a medium level of technical input into creative and web based projects and demands an in-depth knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. You will be required to deal directly with customers in a friendly, professional and efficient manner.

This is a highly important role in the company website development services where you will work closely with creative/website designers to ensure each project is delivered on time, is fit for purpose and meets our customer’s requirements. You will work closely with the Senior Developer and Project Manager, and take guidance from them on the day to day schedule of work.

Your contract will include a probationary period of 6 months with a review after the first month, we do this to make sure we have the best fit for the role – we find this works both ways. This initial review period is designed to give you opportunity to brush up on your PHP development skills, find your feet at Waters Creative and prove to us your commitment, we will provide on the job training and relevant reading resources to help you achieve this successfully.

Probationary-period Salary: £18-22k per annum (this will be reviewed after the 6 month probationary period)

Please submit your CV and covering letter to: info@waters-creative.co.uk.

Graduate Profile: Neil Page – Online Manager @ Cruise Nation


What was your HE course? I completed the BSc degree in Web Development at the School of Applied Computing.

What is your job title and role?
My current job title is Online Manager. This means that I’m responsible for my companies online presence. This encompasses a multitude of different activities, but I mainly oversee our e-mail marketing activities, design and maintenance of the company website as well as all online advertising. I’m also required to manage several third-parties to ensure we achieve all of our Organic Search and PR goals.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?
I work for Cruise Nation. We’re a Cruise Tour Operator, meaning we put together our own cruise holiday packages to sell across the UK. In the last 2 years we’ve grown from 8 employees to 25, and won numerous awards in the industry.

Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?
I use HTML, CSS and javascript/jQuery on a daily basis! I picked up these in University. I also use Photoshop and Illustrator on a regular basis. I think the main thing I picked up in university was an understanding on a breadth of different subjects, and a deeper knowledge.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most? I love the challenge of working with a smaller team, and seeing the results that my input can generate. I enjoy the level of responsibility that my role involves.  I’ve always been pretty addicted to all things web-related, so to be able to work within this industry every day is very really satisfying.

Do you have any advice for students who would like to start a Career? Studying a higher education course at University will give you the perfect base to start a career of your choice. I’d always recommend that you do as much work as possible in your own time, so you fully understand the lectures and classes that are given to you. During the Summer Holidays, be on the lookout for any work experience you can get, this will really help in you get your foot in the door after you graduate, and you’ll find you’ll learn so much more when you’re working day-to-day.

Watch this Space: Exciting New Courses

The Team at the School of Applied Computing have been busy updating all existing courses and writing a lot of exciting new ones*. The School’s undergraduate portfolio is being greatly extended with 7 new courses:

  • Applied Computing
  • *Business Computing
  • Business Information Technology
  • *Cloud Computing
  • Computing and Information Systems
  • Computer Games Development
  • *Computer Graphics & Visualisation
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Systems & Electronics
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • *GIS & Environmental Conservation
  • *Mobile Computing & Application Development
  • *Robotics & Intelligent Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • *Wireless Communication Systems

WATCH THIS SPACE ;-). For more information please click-here.

* Subject to validation.

Multimedia Web Development: Games Comp

Congratulations to all students who took part in the Multimedia Web Development Comp.


This year as part of the learning activities for the Multimedia Web Development module students were asked to demonstrate their web programming and animation skills to create a Casual Game using HTML5 Canvas.

Well done everyone and congratulations to the winning group: Ashley Tindal, Matthew Tobin, Stephen Gibbs and Chris Tidridge.


“Bombs Away” was the winning game and team members won Amazon MP3 vouchers.

Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards


Applied Computing  graduates short-listed as one of 8 companies for the welsh heats of the Lloyds TSB enterprise awards.

Congratulations to Swansea Met Applied Computing graduates Max Willems (CISCO 2009) and Daniel Morris (Web Development 2011) and Appah Prince a Swansea University graduate who have set up a business called Room Paddy. The business aim is to make travel more social, fun, enjoyable and pleasant.


Good luck in the Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards and we wish you all the very best for your continued Success.

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