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What was your HE course? I completed the BSc degree in Web Development at the School of Applied Computing.

What is your job title and role?
My current job title is Online Manager. This means that I’m responsible for my companies online presence. This encompasses a multitude of different activities, but I mainly oversee our e-mail marketing activities, design and maintenance of the company website as well as all online advertising. I’m also required to manage several third-parties to ensure we achieve all of our Organic Search and PR goals.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?
I work for Cruise Nation. We’re a Cruise Tour Operator, meaning we put together our own cruise holiday packages to sell across the UK. In the last 2 years we’ve grown from 8 employees to 25, and won numerous awards in the industry.

Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?
I use HTML, CSS and javascript/jQuery on a daily basis! I picked up these in University. I also use Photoshop and Illustrator on a regular basis. I think the main thing I picked up in university was an understanding on a breadth of different subjects, and a deeper knowledge.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most? I love the challenge of working with a smaller team, and seeing the results that my input can generate. I enjoy the level of responsibility that my role involves.  I’ve always been pretty addicted to all things web-related, so to be able to work within this industry every day is very really satisfying.

Do you have any advice for students who would like to start a Career? Studying a higher education course at University will give you the perfect base to start a career of your choice. I’d always recommend that you do as much work as possible in your own time, so you fully understand the lectures and classes that are given to you. During the Summer Holidays, be on the lookout for any work experience you can get, this will really help in you get your foot in the door after you graduate, and you’ll find you’ll learn so much more when you’re working day-to-day.

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