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Evolution of IT & Cloud Computing

Many thanks to David Jones (Technical Account Manager at RackSpace) and Geraint Williams (Head of Service Evolution & Change at Fujitsu) for visiting us and speaking with our students.

The talk titled ‘the Trends Challenges and Future Technologies’ covered the incredible evolution of IT & Cloud Computing over the last 50 years, highlighting the change & innovation of IT Architecture, current and future trends. A fascinating and very interesting talk enjoyed by all.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, industry insights and useful information to know now and for the future. Diolch yn fawr iawn. 💻 🌐 😃 👍.

Graduate Profile: Thomas Matti @ ARCADIS

Matti 2

Q. What is your Name? Thomas Matti

Q. What was your University course? Business & Information Technology.

Q. What is your job title and role? Risk Management Analyst.

Q. Could you briefly describe the organisation you work for? I work for a company called Arcadis which is the Leading Global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. We have 28,000 people active in over 70 countries that generate more than €3 billion in revenues. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.

Q. Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job? The first role at the company included working with database formulas which I learnt on the course. These skills helped me complete tasks with ease.

Q. Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it? My typical day would consist of coming into work at 7:30, look at my calendar to see what tasks I have for the day such as: Sitting with peers to discuss new potential risks, attending meetings and presenting findings to senior management.

Q. What aspects of your job do you enjoy most? Results, it’s nice to actually see some improvement in your work and receive recognition from it.

Q. Do you have any advice for students who would like to start a Career? I think personally having a degree is crucial for really kick-starting your career.

And as cheesy as it sounds the advice I would provide is never give up!

There were times on my course where I didn’t understand information, contemplated is this what I wanted to do? But as long as you have the mentality to never give up and be hopeful that something will come out of it then something will. Then you can apply that mentality not just to the course you’re doing but also to the career you’re seeking.

Q. A Quote that sums up your time at the University? Highs and lows, but worth the Graft.

IT and Business Development jobs


IT and Business Development jobs in Swansea Caerphilly Cardiff and London:

IT Employment Opportunities

There are a wide variety of employment websites for specific employment and career sectors. For up-to-date job opportunities in Computing and IT Management checkout:

Prospects.ac.uk is another great site for job opportunities and work experience placements.

Use the above links to search for job opportunities in your area.

Another useful site is IT Jobs Watch, the site provides a map of the UK IT job market, identifying the level of demand for IT skills with a guide to average salaries.

Upcoming Events @ TechHub Swansea

This half-day workshop provides an overview of User Experience and why it is an important consideration in the development of products, systems and applications. A series of presentations outline real-world implementations and case-studies by leading internationally renowned User Experience experts.

Join us at TechHub Swansea for a workshop on Growth hacking with founder of True Up, Liam Reynolds (trueup.co.uk)

Start Up Business Support and Pizza! Join regional sponsor of TechHub Swansea for an afternoon of business support and pizza, get practical support and guidance, FREE, for all members.

TechHub Swansea have gone all roaring ’20s and are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive prohibition party. …it’s a strictly need to know event, so ‘speak-easy’!

Have you heard of the Raspberry Pi computer? Do you want to know more and see what others are doing with this amazing low cost device? Come along to the Swansea Raspberry Jam event and meet other Raspberry Pi users

As a start-up you need to plan for future and your future success. Getting your website found online by the right people is a huge part of modern-day marketing and being listed for the correct keywords by the search engines is essential.

The Welsh Government Creative Industries team is busy doing a series of regional briefing events across Wales. The events are a brief presentation on the support available from the Welsh Government to creative sector businesses and a plenary, followed by the opportunity of 1:1 half hour slots with Welsh Government Business

Growing and Organising your Engineering Team Advice Clinic

Video: Current trends & future of the Technology industry?

A mini documentary investigating career opportunities in IT and Technology. In this video, technology role models discuss what the future holds for the IT Industry and what that means for careers:

Who are the best people to advice businesses on how to embrace and use New Technology such as Social Media, Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing: You, the new upcoming Generation and Graduates of today.

Excellent Business Technology & Software Development Opportunities


Excellent Business Technology & Software Development Opportunities for IT & Computing Graduates @:


Civil Service

EDW Technology

Ryland Technology Ltd

CapGemini UK Plc

Euopean Patent Office



JP Morgan


Nestle UK Ltd

Stand Life Group Plc

Morrison Plc

 + Many more: please click here.

Mini Video: Career opportunities in IT

A mini documentary by BigAmbition investigating career opportunities in IT and Technology and the varied routes into the industry. In this video, technology role models provide an overview of the IT industry and how it’s shaping our world.

Graduate Profile: Sion Williams


What was your undergraduate degree and when did you graduate?

I have a degree in Computer Games Development.

What is your job title and role?

IT Build Manager

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?

I currently work for one of the fastest growing insurance providers in the UK, based in Exeter.

Did any of your degree modules inspire you or help you in choosing your job?

Interestingly the subject I disliked the most (Software Engineering) ended up being the bread and butter of my daily work.

What modules are most helpful to you in your job?

Build and Release management is an interesting field because it’s not an intensive programming role, be we are often seen as the problem solvers.

Where do you find yourself using the transferable skills that you developed in University?

Because of the architectural complexities behind games development I was often presented with a myriad of different types of problems – the skills I developed throughout the course are all used on a daily basis. In some ways I would even say I had an edge over some other candidates from a computer science background.

Where do you use your specialist skills and abilities?

Whilst I don’t do real-time software development, I do use many of my programming skills, and ability to learn programming languages.

Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it?
The build manager is the person responsible for managing the following processes:
-Create baselines from the initial version of software.
-Organize and refine the structure of your software.
-Set up build management projects for testing and staging.
-Set up and maintain process rules and folder templates.
-Collect software changes from developers, then build test areas.
-Run reports to find out features and tasks that are in or not in a build.
-Freeze software at important milestones, such as a customer release.
-Make the latest changes available to developers.
-Delete baselines that are no longer needed.
-Recreate old software releases to identify problems and create fixes.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

Every day offers a new challenge. As I work on most projects in the company, I don’t get stuck doing the same thing constantly. I also have a real opportunity to make software development faster and more reliable. The pay is excellent too (more than a developer).

Any tips for someone wanting to develop a career in your sector?

If you have a passion for software development, but don’t want to cut code every day, then this is the perfect role for you. Work with open source tools, look at how they are built and find out ways to improve it. This will set you off on the right foot for a role in IT build management.

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