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Graduates deliver Inspirational Talks @ UWTSD SOAC Swansea

Many thanks to Business Technology Graduate Dan Hawkes (BT), Web Development Graduate Jordan Crocker (Senior Web Developer) and Computer Networks Graduate Simon Downes (PhD student) for visiting the University today to talk with our students about their University and Career journey to date, sharing valuable hints and tips for academic and career success. Inspirational invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Mini-Video: Career opportunities in Technology

Check out this mini documentary investigating career opportunities in Technology and how to break into the IT industry:


Want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Find out what most schools don’t teach

Video: Current trends & future of the Technology industry?

A mini documentary investigating career opportunities in IT and Technology. In this video, technology role models discuss what the future holds for the IT Industry and what that means for careers:

Who are the best people to advice businesses on how to embrace and use New Technology such as Social Media, Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing: You, the new upcoming Generation and Graduates of today.

Mini Video: Career opportunities in IT

A mini documentary by BigAmbition investigating career opportunities in IT and Technology and the varied routes into the industry. In this video, technology role models provide an overview of the IT industry and how it’s shaping our world.

Career Opportunities in Computing


The illustration above from an article written by Nell Edgington titled ‘Teaching Our Kids to Build the Computers of the Future‘  clearly shows the number of Computer job opportunities far exceeds the number of Graduates required to fill them. Nell goes onto to state that:

“we are facing an enormous shortage of people who can create the technology we desperately need… Projections estimate that by 2020 we will need 1.4 million computer programmers, but will only have 400,000 computer science graduates, creating a 1 million person gap.”

Similarly in an article for the Guardian Josh Cooke echoes this sentiment “As every aspect of business and commerce becomes ever more reliant on computing, the demand for technologically minded individuals is increasing at a huge rate. This is great for current computer science students such as myself, as we’re entering the industry at a very exciting and lucrative time.”

In an article for Network World titled ‘Want a job? Get a computer science degree‘ written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan, Professor Lenny Pitt, Director of Undergraduate Programs for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois says

“Everybody is realizing that IT is going to be important in the marketplace, and they are looking to beef up their resumes with some kind of certificate or qualification that would give them an edge… Parents may well be aware of the job opportunities in the IT industry, which is suffering the least despite the downturn.”

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