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Publishing Success: Archie Watt


Congratulations to final year student Archie Watt from the B.Sc.(Hons) Computer Networks degree who has successfully published a journal article in the University’s journal of undergraduate research. The main focus of the paper is on security policies for a BYOD network, and the additional challenges that can be faced when developing a security policy for such a network. From the Abstract:

 The paper emphasizes the importance of security policies and also studies some of the main factors that can hinder their effectiveness, including insufficient security training for employees.   Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is also examined in detail, including the various advantages and disadvantages that it can bring to an organization supporting it, and the various factors, such as advances in wireless network technologies and the greatly increased use of mobile computing devices, such as tablets and smartphones, that have led to its growth over the last few years.

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“The aim of publication  is to promote research at undergraduate level and showcase achievements of all undergraduates across all levels and disciplines of the University. … The journal offers an opportunity for all undergraduates to publish work from all Schools. As a multidisciplinary journal currently it is one of only a few in the UK and the only one in Wales.”  (ref)

Archie I was also invited and visited Google’s TC Summit in California earlier this year and was asked to join the Top Contributor (TC) programme.

Arabian feast 2014

Final Year Degree Students from Saudi Arabia Studying at Swansea’s School of Applied Computing Surprise the Teaching Team with an Arabian feast fit for a King. An offering of thanks for the support they have received during their time at the University. The Team are Very Grateful and would like to thank all those involved in preparing cooking and organising the delicious meal. THANK YOU VERY MUCH x.

Arabian feast

Graduate Profile: Aisha Iftikhar

Aisha-brdQ. What was your HE course?

BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology

Q. What is your job title and role?

Multiple business owner: My role is to lead businesses, as an MD Managing Director at Costcutters supermarket and as a Principal at Swansea sixth form College. This involves many different areas including leadership, teacher evaluation, student discipline, staff discipline, accounting and several others.

Q. Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?

Swansea Sixth-form College (SSC) offer a wide range of practical English language courses. SSC offer high quality teaching with flexible study options, in a beautiful environment designed to develop our students confidence and increase motivation. Whether your goal is to improve your job prospects, get a place at university, pass an English language exam, live and work abroad, improve your English for business purposes, adapt to life in the UK or travel and see the world, we have a course to suit you.

Q. Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?

My 3 years at Swansea Met were life changing. The environment excelled my development as a student. The skills that I developed while studying have had a positive influence on my role, personally, my involvement in the community and professionally. Commitment, self-motivation and confidence, all of which are highly valued skills which I gained from my course have helped me in my role as a Principal.

The following two skills which have been vital for my role, which I gained in my course through research, planning and assignments:
1. Knowledge and understanding – Gaining specific knowledge related to a particular subject, for example historical or scientific data
2. Cognitive skills – Thinking skills, such as problem solving, analysis, research.

Q. Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it?

My typical day, as much I would like to say planned and calm, it is as hectic and sometimes unpredictable. There are no two days the same. I still feel I am learning something new everyday. My day can range from staff meetings, student inductions, class monitoring, teaching assessments and auditing. We also take pride in our diverse culture and at the same time our city, and reach out exertions and show off our heritage.

Q. What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

My job role highly motivates me, I do enjoy all aspects of my job.
It’s a huge responsibility being part of such a successful college and to be responsible for so many different people. I love learning and meeting people.

Q. Do you have any advice for students who would like to start a Career?

Your whole life is a learning curve, the biggest challenge is in within yourself. Always take issues/problems as a challenge, remove all barriers.
Set high goals, you should never be able to accomplish your goal, you should get nearer and nearer each time. If you think you have reached it, then you haven’t set a high enough goal, the sky is the limit.

Commitment, reliability, humbleness and honesty to yourself and your job is your key ingredient for success.


Applied Computing Project Exhibition 2014


Masters Students 2014

Pics of the MSc Applied Computing and MSc Computer Networks students showcasing their Major Project Posters. Please click-here for more information.


‘Exo Minor’ & ‘Happy Rainbow Bird’ by ChaosTrend


Founded by one of our School’s Enterprising Graduates Darren Adams, Swansea-based Games Development Studio Chaos-Trend are proud to announce their new game “Exo Miner” on Steam Greenlight. Exo Miner is a procedurally generated, action based mining, exploration, construction and defence game.

Travel to unexplored sectors of space, claim new sectors for mining, set up defences, buy new ships and drones then customise them to fit your play style. Define patrol routes for protection or attack claimed sectors. Defend your own sectors from rival companies and leave your mark by building the biggest space mining corporation in the galaxy. Can you build a corporation to rival the mighty Europa Mining Company?

Watch this space: They are currently busily developing Exo Miner and some of the content is not yet final. They will be updating this page as often as possible with new info and content. 

Chaos-Trend have also recently released a new game titled ‘Happy Rainbow Bird‘ 🙂

Flap those wings, gain some height and use your skill and judgement to get the highest score you can as you Guide your birdie through the many pillars of doom.


The Game is available Now on Google Play and iTunes.

Chaos-Trend are a small but well established Games development studio in Swansea, Wales. They have been running for over 5 years and have successfully released many games across many platforms. The core team consists of Graduates from Swansea Metropolitan – University of Wales Trinity Saint David that have obtained degrees in game programming and design. The founder members of ChaosTrend are: Darren Adams, Russell Drodge, John Franklin, and Ian Malsbury. There are now five in the Team, one being a former Creative Assembly programmer who worked on the award winning Total War series. They have written their our own game engine and tools from the ground up, and love to dream-up and create new and exciting games. For more information please click here.

Graduate Profile: Thomas John


What was your HE course/s and when did you graduate?
I studied the HND Computing and Information Systems course, and after graduating from the course, I enrolled on to the 3rd year of the BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems course before graduating with a 2:1 Degree.

What is your job title and role?
I am a Software Tester for a company called Dezrez Services Ltd which is based in Swansea.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?
Dezrez Services Ltd provides Software Services for Estate Agencies to help the Estate Agencies deal with Sales, Lettings, and also Property Management. The company also offers Support for the Software.  A few products that Dezrez have include:

  • Dezrez PM (Property Management)
  • iPad Valuation App
  • Website in a Box
  • Template Designs
  • Mobile Dezrez

Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?
After graduating from University, some skills have really helped me in my role. With the Assignments and the Final Year Project deadlines, I have learnt how to meet deadlines of Testing Tasks, Testing Activities and Sprints. This has really helped me deal with Testing Tasks and Testing Activities that are set for me. Also my Final Year Project has helped me as I understand the need for Usability within a Software program and how important it is for the Software and for the User.

Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it?
My day would normally involve testing the Property Management software package that Dezrez have developed. I would use TFS (Team Foundation Server) to look at a Task Board to see what Testing Tasks I have been assigned to Test and then I would record any Issues (Functionality, Usability, Compatibility, Design, Spelling/Grammar) or Feature Suggestions in TFS and the Dezrez CRM System.  When a release is performed for new functionality and fixes to go up live, I would perform a Test Plan to make sure that functionality already in place has not been affected by the new functionality.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?
I enjoy the challenge of helping the company find issues within the software, helping the company release the software, and that it is suitable and ready for release. I also enjoy working for the company and learning new techniques for testing the products that the company provides.

Do you have any advice for students who are currently studying their HE course?
I would say when an assignment is handed out, start on it as soon as possible. Use the resources that the University provides (library etc.) and the time in which there are no Lectures or Tutorials wisely to do research for assignments, and also take the opportunity to learn some exam preparation techniques. Also if doing a Final Year Project, I would start the Project as soon as you can as I completed my Literature Review at the start of January and that gave me time to make amendments to the sections and also start the Implementation stage early which was really helpful.

In a summary please write a little statement that explains the positive aspects of your experience at University and whether you would recommend it to anyone in the future:
When starting at University, I was a little nervous with the change from College. But the University, the Support, Friends and also the Lecturers made me feel comfortable after a few weeks, I settled in great and worked hard to gain my HND. After gaining the HND, I realised that I wanted to do further education and decided to enrol on the 3rd year of the BSc Degree and it was the best decision I have made. I have made some great friends through my 3 years at the University, and I have also developed myself further as a person through the experience. I recommend the University highly as it a great place to study and I have learnt so much there.

Mini-Video: Career opportunities in Technology

Check out this mini documentary investigating career opportunities in Technology and how to break into the IT industry:


Graduate Profile: Michael R Owen


What was your HE course and when did you graduate? 

BSc (HONS) Computer Networks in 2012

 What is your job title and role?

Telecommunications engineer.

My role at Swansea IT Group is to provide support for the organizations many clients, ranging from network troubleshooting/advice, configuring Linux servers, training clients to use the PBX system, and general support.

 Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?

The organization provides a range of IT solutions (VoIP, web design, network design, consultancy, and system administration). For the VoIP system they use Asterisk on a Linux server incorporating an open source platform called Vicidial.

Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job?

I have learned a number of skills after graduating from University. By sticking to assignment deadlines and the final year project, I learnt how to effectively prioritize my workload. This has helped in my role, as I may be given a number of support tickets each day ranging from simple fixes to more advanced troubleshooting. Which all need to be prioritized based on the difficulty or the alert level of the ticket.

My course helped me develop my troubleshooting skills by understanding the fundamentals of computer networks, such as the OSI model. With a good understanding of the OSI model you can quickly judge what can be causing an issue, by narrowing down the problem to a specific layer.  With this way of thinking you can easily resolve problems which are not networking related.

Using the Cisco equipment to build networks for assignments quickly helps you build up your troubleshooting abilities as you can make mistakes that you would not normally make or see when using a network simulator.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

My favourite aspect of the job is configuring networks and providing network consultancy to new and current clients. Whether it be how they should design their network, to suggesting VPNs, and general troubleshooting to provide a stable and secure network.

If you could give advice to current students what would it be?

If you’re ending your second year I would suggest making a start on your final year project, as I completed my literary review in January, it provided me with plenty of time to spend on the implementation and troubleshooting of my final year project. This in turn, gave me more flexibility for completing assignments and plenty of time for exam revision.

I would advise any networking students to complete their CCNA studies before the final year, as the final year can be heavy in work load with the final year project, assignments and exams.

The CCNA is a valuable certification to gain, as it will help you stand out from those who do not have the certification when applying for networking/IT support related jobs. If you are interesting in taking on a networking role, there are plenty of other Cisco certifications other than the routing and switching path, which may interest you.

Graduate Profile: James Simonson @MailmanGroup.com


Name: James Simonson

What was your HE course and when did you graduate?
Computer Games Development (BSc hons).

What is your job title and role? Assistant Technical Manager.

 Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?  I work for Mailman (Shanghai). Mailman is a leading social media innovation & technology company. We take brands and talent from the west and create social buzz for them inside of China and Asia by utilizing social media, web technologies and offline media.


“Being Bold, having a go”

We´re not all for profit. Much of our internal purpose is spurred by a great idea, a good cause, or by helping those less fortunate. We believe that openness and understanding and trying new things is the key to socializing business and making a positive change in the world.

OUR VISION: Is the ´socialization´ of the world’s best brands.

OUR MISSION: Is to transform the way businesses engage and embrace social media technologies to create better customer experiences. By investing in a ‘value-led’ communication theory Mailman delivers branded online assets that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people that matter most.

 Which skills learned at University are helpful to you in your job? Programming principles, Networking, Applied Mathematics and Software Engineering Principles.

I build websites and web apps for my company (front and back end), I also deal with server side programming, data visualization and data mining. I use allot of the programming methodologies and techniques taught to me throughout university, as well as mathematics and networking  when managing large data pools and re-constructing them for an end user.

Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it? Wake up, Drink coffee, then tackle some really challenging but fun problems. Help brain storm new ideas for potential clients, Work on a new project or maintain a current project, add features to existing sites, Research and develop new tools to aid in data gathering or end user experience. Then go out for company drinks on Friday

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most? I enjoy the Freedom I get with projects, the satisfaction of seeing my work online for millions to see and the free coffee my company offers.

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