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Innovation in Enterprise Education: with STEM and other disciplines


A member of the School’s Lecturing Team James Williams recently Presented at Kingston University’s HEEG event Innovation in Enterprise Education working with STEM and other disciplines on ‘the Bright Spark within us all’. The day featured entrepreneurs, educators and practitioners wrestling with the challenge of bringing together disciplines to enable, challenge, and drive entrepreneurship.

The Heart of Creativity and the Bright Spark within us all: a Unified Model of Intelligence and Creativity for the 21st Century. This session will outline a Unified Model of Intelligence and Creativity, which includes multiple intelligences such as Physical Cognitive Emotional Intuitive and Divine intelligence as competencies in the process of learning and growth, Self-Realisation and Actualisation. The Model encompasses and describes the elusive light of illumination, the bright Spark within us all and aims to assist us in clearly understanding the process of Creativity and Innovation from concept to creation in order to enhance these qualities within.

“I had an Amazing time at the HEEG Innovation & Enterprise Event in London. Thank you to HEEG for the opportunity to Present and collaborate with other pioneering educators scientists researchers and industry professionals. It was a great opportunity to network and I am sure several positive collaborative initiatives will result. Visiting London is always a great Opportunity to enjoy the thriving and civilized culture, and a quick stop off in Millies Cookies and the Bagel Factory at Paddington always makes the journey home that much Sweeter”.

Millies-Cookies  Bagel-Factory

Big Bang Cymru


The School of Applied Computing is proud to support judge and moderate The Big Bang Cymru Annual STEM Competition, Wales’ premier celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for students and young people.

It is the biggest single free event of its kind in Wales, hosted by Careers Wales in association with Technocamps and e-skills.

It attracts hundreds of pupils from every corner of Wales who take part in interactive STEM workshops, exhibits, exciting shows and demonstrations. Pupils compete for the National Science and Engineering Competition and the CREST Awards.

“I always really enjoy the Big Bang Wales event, it’s a wonderful experience and Great to see so many inspired young people from School and Colleges throughout Wales encouraged to be so Creative and Express their unique ideas and skills in so many different ways. A Great Opportunity for all involved.James Williams (Lecturer at the School of Applied Computing)

STEM subjects and technology in particular, have been identified as a priority to ensure the country has the skills to support the development of a vibrant and sustainable knowledge-based economy.

Big Bang Cymru brings together the Welsh Government, primary, secondary, further and higher education, industry and the wider science, technology and engineering communities.  Together we can help provide the platform to inspire young people to follow a rewarding career.

For more information or to attend and participate please visit: www.thebigbangfair.co.uk


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