Turn On Your Future @ UWTSD's School of Applied Computing & Electronics

The Applied Computing team at UWTSD are thrilled to welcome a number of new members to the team. This post features ‘Munyaradzi Murira‘ one of our new Computing Lecturers.

Munya has kindly answered some questions to share his passion for Computing & technology below:

Q. What inspires you most about Technology? I am inspired by how Technology improves the lives of people by automating tasks at home, schools, universities and in industry. The way it brings people together despite their physical location. I really cannot imagine life without the use of technology, as it meets so many of our needs.

Q. How do you think Technology is changing and will change the world for the better? Technology will always evolve and will continue to improve peoples’ lives. One of the areas which comes to the back of my mind is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is developing rapidly, and I can envision a world where IoT devices are connected, and the communication is automated with minimal human interface. IoT will continue to employ different technologies to ensure automatic data transfer, analysis, and prompt response among various devices. The technology in play will include AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. Career opportunities in Network and Cybersecurity will continue to rise as the interconnection of various devices will add complexity to the internet.

Q. What is your current favourite App./Technology and reason you find it useful/enjoyable? Favourite App is the WhatsApp messenger. I use it for socialising with friends, workmates and family who are all over different countries. It is easy for anyone to use as it is free and internationally available. It allows me to remain close to my loved ones, as I can create distinct groups according to how I would want to interact with different groups. I find it so easy to send text, voice messages, make voice and video calls, share images, documents as it supports instant messaging and voice-over-IP.

Some of Munya’s areas of expertise, interests and professional activities are included below.

Area of expertise: Munya’s area of expertise include Networks, Mobile Technologies, Operating Systems & Hardware, Routing and Switching, Programming in Java, Software Engineering with Objects, and C.

Interests: Munya’s interests include Computer Networks, Network security, CyberSecurity and Network Operating Systems.

Professional membership: Munya is a member of the ‘Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA)’.

For more information about Munya and his area of expertise, interests and research, please click-here.

Welcome Munya, thank you for sharing the information above, for joining the Applied Computing team at UWTSD and for supporting our students.

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