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Several months ago we reported on a major archæological dig attended by the School’s Dr Nik Whitehead, Associate Professor.

The excavation was working on an important Bronze Age site at a secret location in Lancashire, and Dr Nik was fortunate to be present when a beautiful funerary urn was discovered.

The micro-excavation of the artefact turned out to be a delicate, challenging and nerve-wracking process.

“It was amazing watching the urn being uncovered layer by layer, and seeing more and more detail as everyone realised how big it was,” she says.  “It was definitely the hot topic of coffee break conversations!”

Below, Dr Nik shares her photographs of the exciting moment the urn finally emerged from its long hiding-place underground.

The urn was taken to a laboratory, where osteoarchæologist Sam Walsh has been painstakingly examining every fragment.  Her initial findings are nearly ready, and DigVentures, who sponsored the dig, will be sharing them shortly.

Follow the dig, and find out more about DigVentures here :



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