Turn On Your Future @ UWTSD's School of Applied Computing & Electronics

The third-floor corridor in the School of Applied Computing was transformed into an unusual learning space this week for final-year students on the User Experience Design module.

To illustrate how to define an information architecture, Dr Nik Whitehead, Associate Professor, led the group of students in a hands-on card sorting exercise.  The aim was to consider the ways different types of user organise information, and to investigate the implications this has for website design.

The task the students were given was to structure a website in a logical order based on where user groups would expect to find the information they’re searching for.  Elements of the site were represented by colour-coded repositionable sticky notes, which were attached to the walls of the corridor.  By moving and sorting these, the students were able to optimise information-flow and user expectation in a highly visual and memorable way.

As well as discovering how to perform a card sort, this practical, collaborative – and fun – teaching technique enabled the students to learn from each other by observing and appreciating how differently each person approached the task.



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