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Liam Duggan is a recent graduate from Business Information Technology at Swansea Metropolitan. He graduated with a 2:1 (Upper Divison) degree in 2013. He agreed to share his student experience with us all, why not give his responses below a read.


What is your name and what course did you study?

My name is Liam Duggan and I studied a BSc in Business Information Technology within the School of Applied Computing.

How easy did you find it to apply for your course of study?

I applied for the course via UCAS before clearing had begun. I decided to apply to Swansea Met due to its location and facilities.

Did you do research on the university prior to starting?

Prior to starting I did obvious course research to find out which courses would best suit my skills. I also attended open days and experienced a tour of the facilities which really helped.

Why did you choose Swansea Metropolitan University as a place to study?

Primarily I chose Swansea Metropolitan University due to its location and facilities. The courses had good descriptions and the discussion on course content was well delivered.

How long did it take you to complete this course?

It took me three academic years to complete.

Please can you outline the main positive points you believe are best shown within the university (e.g. Library):
The good points about the University are its location, the friendly attitude of staff and the facilities. For example I found that the text-based notifications were very useful for the latest news on my course. Another positive point about the university is how we are given the opportunity to research; the library for example allows us access to some very reliable academic databases to gain efficient research material.

Please can you outline the main negative points you believe need to be further developed?

The main negative points that I believe need to be further developed are the notification for absences, although I believe this has been recently dealt with.

Please explain how the university resources helped you complete your course and whether you would recommend study here:

In many ways I believe it was a mixture of factors that helped me complete my course. Firstly I think that the library online databases had contributed a lot to my assessments and final year dissertation. Secondly it was the events that were set up by staff to promote any important parts of the course including the Project Day. The staff members were always there if I got confused with any point during the course. Finally I would think that the friendly class relationship that me and other students had was a good help in keeping me motivated for study.

In a summary please write a little statement that explains your experience at the University and whether you would recommend it to anyone in the future:

Before starting University I had an interest in persuing ICT but also researching a business side to this as well. After graduating I found a job as a Software Programmer which is one job that I never imagined doing previously, as my programming skills were not as good. The resources and course content allowed me to widen my skill range and career prospects, opening up a variety of different opportunities for me. I would recommend study at this university to students as it has improved my skills widely. The opportunities that you achieve after graduating are amazing, and you will be surprised at your career prospects afterwards, overall I believe this experience was the best three years of my life.

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