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Shaun Gregory


What was your undergraduate degree and when did you graduate?

BSc Web Management 2009.

What is your job title and role?

Web Designer, SEO, I.T. Support.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?

SME Web Design company in Gloucestershire, near Bristol.

Did you complete a foundation degree or HND/C before studying for your degree?


Did any of your degree modules inspire you or help you in choosing your job? How?

Yes, can’t really remember the module titles haha, but the technology used were as follows:

XHTML, Usability/Accessibility, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PhotoShop, PHP, ASP.NET Most Web Design jobs require XHTML CSS Photoshop, JavaScript with basic knowledge of PHP.

Personally I was mostly focusing on building static websites with some dynamics features applied e.g. JQuery and PHP, which I find interesting.

What modules are most helpful to you in your job?

XHTML, Usability/Accessibility, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Photo Shop, PHP

Where do you find yourself using the transferable skills that you developed in University (e.g. initiative, communication skills, critical thinking and analytical skills, presentation and interpersonal skils, team working, ethics, time management and organizational skills)?

I create my own work flow and notifications procedures.

We discuss difficult issues as a team.

We discuss new trends and project objectives as team.

Initiative – would be finding my self helping another member of staff resolve a certain issue rapidly

looking at current work processes and suggesting Web tools which are essential before putting a website live.

Communications – make sure agreed dead lines are met for company objectives and clients

Keeping the customer involved in every topic of the SDLC

Where do you use your specialist skills and abilities (e.g. business, programming, web, databases, networks etc.)



What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

Learning new technology and trends e.g. Cube Cart, WordPress, SEO – ensuring listings are above page 5.

Any tips for someone wanting to develop a career in your sector?

learn CSS/XHTML, Photoshop and graphical mind set to a commercial level. I now continue that drive to learn new technologies JQuery, but more so learn CSS at an advanced level with PHP/MYSQL.

Posted: 2012.

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