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Dan Morgan


What was your undergraduate degree and when did you graduate?
Software Engineering. I graduated in July 2009.

What is your job title and role?
ASP.net Web Developer.

Could you briefly describe the organization you work for?
Zipporah provide booking software (for room, sports/pitches/registration service bookings). Our clients are councils around the UK and Ireland.

Did any of your degree modules inspire you or help you in choosing your job? How?
The programming modules made me aware of my love for programming

What modules are most helpful to you in your job?
Software Engineering Principles

Where do you find yourself using the transferable skills that you developed in University (e.g. initiative, communication skills, critical thinking and analytical skills, presentation  and interpersonal skils, team working, ethics, time management and organizational skills)?
My analytical skills have been the most useful to me

Where do you use your specialist skills and abilities (e.g. business, programming, web, databases, networks etc.)
My specialist skills are mainly used in programming and database work

Do you have a typical day and how would you describe it?
I get to work, have a cup of tea. Review the daily plan, start the work and update my manager at the end of the day.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?
Working on my own projects

Any tips for someone wanting to develop a career in your sector?
Try to become a highly competent .net developer. It will be very useful to you. The amount of teaching given in .net languages in my degree with minimal. I had to develop my skills in my own time.

Posted: 2012.

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